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One Love Homecare
Detroit's #1 Home Health Agency

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About One Love Homecare


One Love Home Care provides Home Help Care Services in the Metro Detroit area.   As our population continues to age, the need for caring professionals, families, friends, and neighbors to assist with the daily activities of living is increasing.   We have seen first hand the serious impact that a diminishing quality of life can place on an individual, family, and our public health and welfare systems.  


The mission of One Love Home Care is to provide caring assistance from those to whom our clients can trust to maintain their dignity and assist to perform the basic daily tasks of life.


Our collective experience in record keeping, relationship building, and caring for others is a good indicator of the quality of support that aligning with One Love Home Care provides.  We offer community connections, information, and other resources including training, monitoring, and in-house evaluations of Care Givers and Clients to allow us a competitive and useful edge when it comes to providing good service.


To receive Home Help Services, a person must be (1) eligible for Medicaid and (2) need physical help to perform these activities. A Medical Needs form (DHS-54A) signed by an approved Medicaid enrolled provider indicating personal care is needed must be obtained before payment for services can begin.


People with (1) high medical bills or extensive personal care needs and (2) income that exceeds Medicaid standards can still become eligible for Medicaid and this service.   Ask a DHS Adult Services worker about the “deductible” and “personal care option.”


And call us at 313.486.9616 to speak to an intake agent today !

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