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Caregiver with Patient

Providing You with Health Care at Home.


One Love Home Care is as the name suggests. We love our community and want to be part of its continued well-being. The Home Help Care Program offered through Medicaid (and sponsored through the Social Security Administration) is a way to help the elderly and disabled improve and/or maintain activities done in the home environment daily.


One Love is a premier, approved State of Michigan vendor. Our expertise is to work with, you, the client and the Department of Human Services.  We assist with many aspects of home care enrollment, servicing and troubleshooting issues on behalf of our clients.


One Love home care provides its clients the flexibility to have input on their caregiver.   Ultimately, people they trust, friends and family members, to care for them under the Medicaid Home Health Care Program. This program will pay for someone to assist qualifying clients with :


• Eating or feeding.

• Using the toilet.

• Bathing.

• Grooming.

• Dressing.

• Transferring from one position to another.


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Refer a new client or caretaker to One Love and we will take care of them just like they are family. 


One Heart

One Soul

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One Love

Love makes living life better !


"I'm more than pleased with this agency. Their staff answers their phones, return voicemail messages, answers my questions so I can understand. They really put the help in home help care. Thank you One Love."


Ethel Myers -Brown - Detroit, MI 


“I love the fact that I have someone to help me with all the paperwork and appointments with my social worker.  My daughter appreciated the check in the mail for helping her dear father out. One Love truly takes the stress away from dealing with the social workers”


Arthur J. Williams - Southfield, MI


"Mama didn't trust anyone to care for her except me, and the Medicaid Home Health Care Program is an added blessing. You can't put a price on caring for the person who birthed, raised and cared for you. However, what is available to family members that are caretakers helps ease the burden, and turns this task into a labor of love ”

Melissa C. Brown - Grand Rapids, MI


Melissa C. Brown - Grand Rapids, MI 


“I LOVE One Love Home Care. Friendly, helpful and resourceful. I refer all my friends and family members. Their staff truly serve the community with their hearts. Thank you One Love !"


Micheal Smith -Ann Arbor, MI 

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